Aras Nam Fir Chlis

Fir Chlis in sunshine

sruth-mara is now based at Aras Nam Fir Chlis (house of the northern lights), a former hotel and restaurant in Aird Uig which my wife Laura Cameron-Lewis and I are in the process of renovating.

We plan to run a programme of artist residencies from late 2019. Most of these will be by invitation but we are open to approaches from individuals and organisations. The building will also be available for private hire and as holiday accommodation.

Aras Nam Fir Chlis is located on a clifftop at the most north westerly point in Britain, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean. On a clear day you can see the Flannan Isles, 32km away, and (if you’re lucky) whales swimming. On a clear night (particularly in winter) it is one of the darkest places in the country, with spectacular views of the Orion Nebula, the Milky Way and Great Andromeda (Aird Uig recently hosted two events as part of the first ever Hebridean Dark Skies Festival).

We can offer:

  • accommodation (generally 2-3 bedrooms but up to six if needed)
  • studio space suitable for rehearsals, workshops, or just as a place to create and reflect. We also plan to adapt the old restaurant kitchen into a ‘messy’ space for visual artists.
  • advice and support from two highly experienced arts practitioners
  • peace and tranquility far from the noise and lights of the city
  • a unique and spectacular location, on a former RAF radar station now run by Gallan Head Community Trust as a bird sanctuary and site for public art and tourism initiatives. Eagles can often be spotted above the village.
  • some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland.
  • fresh eggs from our chickens each morning.

Aras Nam Fir Chlis features in the new edition of Made in the Outer Hebrides, a free cultural guide that documents the trail of art galleries, museums, libraries, craft shops, artist/maker studios, festivals, public art works, landmarks and websites found throughout the islands.

To make an enquiry contact (Andrew) or (Laura).

Fir chlis studioUig sunsetGallan Head photo