About Andrew

Andrew Uig beach

I have worked in the arts in Scotland for over 20 years, and now divide my time between Edinburgh and a croft near Uig sands (pictured above) on the Isle of Lewis.

Uig is a beautiful and inspiring place, with a rich culture and a diverse but closely knit community. My hope for sruth-mara is that it can act as a sea current, carrying ideas and people back and forth across the Minch in a spirit of mutually respectful exchange, and developing innovative, collaborative new arts projects that draw on both the Hebrides’ distinctive culture and ideas from the rest of the world. I also hope to support – and work in harmony with – already established Lewis-based organisations, such as An Lanntair, Ionad Hiort and Rural Nations.

Two books in particular have shaped the thinking behind sruth-mara: Soil and Soul by Alastair McIntosh, and Love of Country by Madeleine Bunting, for their rich blend of local and personal history and global perspective, and their observations about the power of dominant cultures to erase other histories, languages, and forms of self-expression (a complex, often contentious subject that I will try to explore as things progress in the reflections section of this website).

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in this project; if you want to, you can contact me at seafieldroad@gmail.com.

You can read more about my other work here.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis
Founding director, sruth-mara