About sruth-mara

sruth-mara rehearsal pic 1

sruth-mara is an arts organisation dedicated to developing ambitious new creative projects from Uig on the Isle of Lewis. It was founded in early 2018 by creative producer Andrew Eaton-Lewis.

The idea behind sruth-mara (‘sea current’ in Gaelic) is to help carry ideas and people back and forth across the Atlantic in a spirit of mutually respectful exchange, developing innovative, collaborative new arts projects that draw on both the Hebrides’ distinctive culture and ideas from the rest of the world. Two books in particular inspired its creation: Soil and Soul by Alastair McIntosh, and Love of Country by Madeleine Bunting, for their rich blend of local and personal history and global perspective, and their observations about the power of dominant cultures to erase other histories, languages, and forms of self-expression.

For the first few months of its life sruth-mara was run from a caravan on a croft in Timsgarry; it is now based at Aras Nam Fir Chlis. If you would like to work with sruth-mara you can contact Andrew on seafieldroad@gmail.com.