Juliana Capes (residency)

Aird Uig, 20-26 October 2018

Juliana Capes 2

Juliana Capes is an Edinburgh-based visual artist who makes installations and durational artwork. In October 2018 Juliana was sruth-mara’s first visual artist in residence at our new base in Aird Uig, developing work for 2019 exhibitions at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh and An Lanntair.


Kirsty Law (residency and live show)

Uig Community Centre, 3-5 September 2018

IMG_0125Kirsty Law at Uig Community Centre

Singer-songwriter Kirsty Law is developing a new piece of work exploring the sense of place found through folksong (particularly when listening to field recordings), and the sense of empowerment that can be found, in an ever-scarier global world, through the sharing of songs and the development of writing in a minority language.

In September 2018 sruth-mara supported a three day residency at Uig Community Centre, during which Kirsty explored her ideas in conversation with people from the area, premiering her new songs as part of a live performance on Wednesday 5 September.

Kirsty says: ‘Gaelic culture has maintained a kitchen ceilidh culture in ways that the rest of the country hasn’t, I’m interested in what ways folk from the islands value this, especially in the context of contemporary culture. I’m interested in what the human experience of being in a marginalised culture is. And I want to ask : is there a sense of empowerment gained by living out that culture every day in the knowledge of its marginalised status?”

Kirsty draws on Scots musical traditions while frequently collaborating with other artists. Her latest album project Young Night Thought is an audiovisual exploration of the ‘inner child’ concept through folklore, song and film.


Alan Bissett: Soil & Soul (script development)

An Lanntair, 14 July 2018, and in residence in Uig, 12-14 July

Alan Bissett at Callanish
Alan Bissett at the famous Callanish stones

Alastair McIntosh’s extraordinary book Soil & Soul describes how his early years as a ghillie on Lewis shaped his life’s work as a prominent land rights activist. sruth-mara is producing a stage adaptation by acclaimed playwright, novelist and performer Alan Bissett. For the project’s first stage of development, Alan spent several days travelling around Lewis, from sruth-mara’s base in Uig, while on the island performing his hit show (More) Moira Monologues.

Alan visited the Callanish stones – which feature on the cover of Alastair’s book – and the Gearrannan blackhouse village, and spoke to numerous  people who know Alastair, his book, and the culture it describes, both privately and publicly at a meet-the-writer event at An Lanntair.

Move ~ Gluasad (development week and work in progress performances)

Uig Community Centre, 26-29 June 2018
An Lanntair, Stornoway, Saturday 30 June 2018

sruth-mara rehearsal pic 1
Belidna, Mairi and Anna in rehearsal at Uig Community Centre

Move ~ Gluasad is an ambitious new work in Gaelic, English and other languages, by award-winning theatre maker Julia Taudevin, exploring themes of migration and loss: our loss of loved ones, loss of home, loss of identity, loss of faith and loss of empathy for those other than ourselves.

In many parts of the world, death is as much women’s responsibility as birth. In many traditions women are the composers and singers of powerful, sophisticated, mischievous and scathing oral lament poetry, providing a musical and verbal accompaniment to individual and communal grief. We know this in Scotland as keening, or caoineadh.

Throughout the show’s development, Julia is working as a composer and playwright, incorporating musical styles as diverse as Gaelic psalm singing, Swahilli lullabies, and Epirus Polyphony to create a sonic space into which stories of loss and migration are dropped like the ebb and flow of the ocean – a space to celebrate our shared humanity and mourn our losses at a time when insularity and xenophobia are on the rise.


Move cast at Uig
Anna Porubcansky, Mairi Morrison and Beldina Odenyo at Uig Community Centre

sruth-mara supported a week of development for the project at Uig Community Centre in June 2018, with performers Anna Porubcansky, Mairi Morrison, and Beldina Odenyo, pictured above, culminating in two work-in-progress performances, at Uig Community Centre and An Lanntair. Feedback from audiences during this process was incredibly positive, and Julia is now working towards a touring production in 2019.



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