Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo first Zoom meeting SMALL

Precious Cargo is a new theatre show in which actor/writer Barton Williams and musician Andy Yearley will explore their shared life experiences as Vietnam war orphans.

Andy and Barton were both airlifted from Vietnam as small children as part of Operation Babylift, a controversial humanitarian operation in which thousands of babies were flown out of the country in cardboard boxes and mostly adopted by families in the UK, Australia and the USA. Andy grew up on the Isle of Lewis, Barton in Adelaide. Both have since made return journeys to Vietnam to try and find their biological families. They met in 2020 when Barton was in the Outer Hebrides shooting the feature film Silent Roar.

sruth-mara is developing Precious Cargo throughout 2023 with support from Creative Scotland’s Open Fund. Pictured are Andy Yearley (top left), producer Andrew Eaton-Lewis and director/dramaturg Laura Cameron-Lewis (top right) and Barton Williams, on day one of rehearsals.